Sun Glasses



At Eye Candy, we carry an array of different sun glass brands such as Ray-Ban, Adidas, Beausoleil, Maui-Jim.


Prescription Sunglasses

We can always have prescription lenses put into frames at a client’s request. If the frame is not purchased at Eye Candy we will have to examine the frames prior to sending them to the lab for processing. If any damage occurs during this process, Eye Candy is not held liable.


Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are available at a client’s request. We will try our best to match the requested colour but cannot make any guarantees since we must send the request to the lab for processing.


Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses provide superb vision under high-glare situations (ie. on the water, driving, skiing) and are highly recommended for individuals who want better vision under high sun exposure activities or for those who might be sensitive to bright lights. Again, we are more than happy to provide these lenses to our clients.



Transitions are lenses that change colour going from areas of UV exposure to those of no UV exposure. This coating can only be added to our branded lenses (ie. Nikon). It is available in grey or brown and not all materials – we will need to know your prescription to verify this information.



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