Here at Eye Candy, we offer a wide array of different lenses to make sure we can provide the best lenses for each individual. We know that not everyone adapts to just one brand or type of lens so we proudly offer the entire line from Nikon,Seiko, Essilor, and Hoya lenses. For those that don’t care for the big names in optics, we also offer Centopitc lenses as our basic lens (still great lenses for those that don’t need all the fancy tech that goes into today’s latest lenses).





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Single Vision

By single vision we mean “one set focus distance” – whether it be for distance, reading, or computer. These lenses are meant for one function. We offer different indices (lens thickness) and various different coatings for these lenses depending on your prescription and needs.


Computer Lenses

Computer glasses are a common term used now-a-day and can often be confused by branding used in the industry. To make it simple, the only thing that differs from computer glasses and regular glasses is the lenses placed in the frame (any frame can be made into computer glasses).

At Eye Candy, we highly recommend the blue-blocker coating for anyone that uses a computer more than 6 hours a day. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from many of the electronics (mainly LED monitors) we use on a day-to-day basis can mess with our circadian rhythms and keep us artificially awake longer than we should. Also, some recent studies are looking into the possible damage that the blue light can cause to the retina – maybe linking it to an increased chase of Macular Degeneration.

In addition to the different coating, the focal point of computer glasses should be closer (about arm’s length) to help our eye muscles that are used for focusing keep the monitor in focus for us. It’s unnatural for our eye muscles to keep a monitor in focus 8+ hours a day. Unlike every other muscle in the human body, the muscles used for focusing do not gain strength and endurance the more we use them – they actually weaken faster. It is important for people that spend a lot of their work day at a computer to make sure they aren’t over-working their muscles. Otherwise they may end up needing reading glasses sooner than someone who had the proper prescription or someone who didn’t use the computer as much.


Therapeutic Lenses

Another option to computer lenses is therapeutic lenses. For individuals that need glasses for distance or simply don’t want to have to take their glasses on and off at the computer, this is a good option. It provides both focal distances (distance and computer) in one lens. It can be described as a “mini-progressive” or “blended-bifocal”. There are no lines and it is much easier to adapt to than a full-on progressive. However, it is not recommended for those individuals that use dual monitors at work since the working area for the computer portion is not large enough. Only Nikon, Essilor, and Hoya offer these lenses.



Progressives are lenses that provide all viewing distances in one lens. As a person looks down the lens, the focal point is brought closer to their face. Most individuals that need reading glasses would qualify for a progressive as well. Whether a person needs them or not is more of a life style choice. If you’re perfectly happy taking glasses on and off or switching them as needed then it’s fine to not be in a progressive.

They’ve developed a bit of a bad name from their predecessors as being “hard to see in” or people “not being able to adapt” to them. In all fairness, they’ve come a long way and the distortions that were there before are almost no longer visible in the latest technology progressives. All lens manufacturers produce their progressives slightly different so you may have to try a couple different brands before finding the best one for you.

Progressives aren’t for everyone, but that is a choice you’ll have to make by discussing your needs and how you use your eyes with your eye care professionals. At Eye Candy, we offer a 90 day trial for our progressive wearers so we can find you the best progressive that suits your vision.  We understand that everyone sees differently so the first one may not be the best one for you.