Contact Lenses


Contact lenses can be a great option for part time or full time wear. They provide better peripheral vision, less distortion, and do not have the fogging or adjustments issues inherent to glasses. “Frequent replacement” lenses provide more oxygen to your cornea, which is essential for good eye health. They have less deposits or “build-up”, and are, therefore, less likely to produce any of the effects of wearing “old” contact lenses. With proper professional care provided by our doctors and staff, contact lenses can provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to correct your vision.

Regular eye examinations by the doctors in our office along with good daily eye hygiene and regular lens replacement are the key to keeping your contact lenses comfortable and clear, and your eyes healthy for years to come.

We carry all major North American brands and offer pricing and rebates lower than our online competitors!





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*Note: If you do not have a valid (within the last year) glasses prescription please book a full eye exam as well.