Buying Eyeglasses Online: A Good Idea?

You need to consider certain issues when you buy eyeglasses online, because every pair of glasses is a custom-made item. Not only are there different designs and materials of both frames and lenses and different lens treatments, but everybody’s head and eyes are different, too. So you or an optician must take various measurements for a proper fit such as PD, OC, Segheight, Pantoscopic Tilt, Wrap of frame, and Vertex Distance.

An advantage of going to a traditional optical store is that an optician can walk you through the process. Sometimes, he or she will do this so smoothly that you’re not even aware of all the choices. When you order online, you must make each decision on your own, and it can seem overwhelming.

Most online eye wear providers feature a catalog that shows the frames they offer in detail. You can view each available color and read a description of the features, such as what frame material they’re made of (plastic or metal, for example), and whether they haveĀ spring hinges.

You also need to decide what lens material and which lens coatings, if any, you want. AreĀ polycarbonate, high-index or regular plastic lenses best for you? How much protection from ultraviolet light do you want? What about an anti-reflective coating? Are photochromic lenses a good idea? How about Blue Filter for computer? How about Anti Fog and Anti Fatigue?

If you’re comfortable making these decisions yourself, you should have no problem with online ordering; if not, you may want to ask an optician for help